Why haven’t you been interviewed or attended the screenings?

There is a very strong pull for me to stand in the limelight. I want to get my “15 minutes of fame“!

But is this good for me? I am not sure.

When I was the president of my synagogue, I pushed myself to stand in front of the congregation and give the announcements. I pushed myself to stand near the exit and shake everyone’s hand and wish them a “Good Shabbos” every Friday night. Those were important activities that helped me step out of my “shell” and interact with other people.

Maybe sitting with an interview would be good, too? Or maybe it would be beneficial for me to attend a screening so that afterwards the attendees could interact with me and see that I am a real person?

Or maybe not. I heard from “Eric” that his interview was very difficult. The reporter was not friendly to his position, and he didn’t appreciate the questions and exposure. I saw some parts of an interviews with Ben Zilberman, and how there was a certain narrative that the reporter was pushing.

So how do I decide what to do?

In this case, I gave it over to G-d, saying, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should go to these interviews and screenings or not. Please give my Rabbi insights to guide me.” Then I spoke with Rabbi and explained as much as I understood about the interview or the after-screening event. After some thought, he advised me not to go. When there was another screening in Jerusalem, I brought it up again, and after some thought he came to the same conclusion.

Not satisfied, I went to the Rabbi who has been teaching me Gemora for the past two decades, told him about my current status, and asked him if he agreed with the first Rabbi. He did.

So am I making the correct decision?


Might I change and do an interview in the future? Maybe. If the situation changes. And if there is still interest.

But I am proud with my decision to follow my Rabbis. I feel that I am a “Gibor” – a hero!

As it says in Ethics of the Fathers (4:1): Who is strong? He who conquers his evil inclination

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