There is a new poster with my face on it.

The development of a new poster began at the end of 2022 and a final poster design was selected in January 2023.

Instead of a poster with my back, it is one with my face and the face of the other man featured in the film. Below is the result:

What’s my reaction?

I think the easy reaction is to let it get to my head. “I AM A MOVIE STAR!” might be words that a person would say with such a poster. Then send the poster to everyone on his mailing list.

But just as in the documentary I talk about controlling my desires, I also need to control my actions. How would a ben Torah – a Jew who completely follows all the precepts in the Torah – react? I think the proper answer would be in a reserved fashion.

So that means I might share it here or on my private blog, but I will otherwise wait for it to flow out there “naturally” and not with my help.

And it is out there: The producer, Zvi Landsman, recently gave a presentation at a business in Israel and used the new poster to advertise it on the company’s campus:

I do hope the new poster is effective and gets people interested in the movie – and the topic. In the meantime, I will remain on the sidelines and watch how this unfolds.

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