Tel Aviv Gay Film Festival

I didn’t participate in the panel at the TLVfest on November 17th.

The documentary The Therapy was screened at the TLVFest – the Tel Aviv Gay Film Festival – on November 17, 2021. It was followed by a panel. Based on the images below, it seems that the panel included Ben Zilberman (2nd from left) who was the other “star” of the documentary, Zvi Landsman (2nd from right) who was the producer/director/videographer. I am familiar with both.

It also included Anna Rose Gherabli, who seems to be some type of Lesbian advocate based on her Facebook page, and Ayal Zak (I don’t know who he is, but he wrote an article about the documentary which appears here

Honestly, I don’t know what was said by the panel. But from the few clips I have seen on the news of other interviews, Ben probably explained how “conversion therapy” should be outlawed; Zvi probably said how the movie tries to present both sides – but he also might have leaned towards the side that therapy should be outlawed. I would assume the other two were advocates for LGBT rights and against the freedom to seek “conversion therapy” (CT).

But that’s OK. Right now, I am living my life. The documentary The Therapy is something that was important, but right now I am letting G-d decide where it goes.

I wondered what would happen with the documentary at this festival. I felt that by billing it as a “gay” movie that was anti-CT, it would have a better chance of getting into the festival and perhaps even winning. Perhaps more people would then see this film, and a few would ponder if they, too, should seek counseling.

So, I just left it all with G-d. Perhaps winning an award would be good. Perhaps not winning would be good. I am not in a position myself to even know which would be better in the long run.

As it turns out, the documentary didn’t win any awards at the festival.

As I have said before, having “15 minutes of fame” could be nice. I sometimes think that in my mind. But then perhaps having fame would not be good, and living a quiet life is better.

For something this big, I’ll let G-d decide how public and widespread this documentary should be.

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