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Welcome to Lev’s website on his thoughts on the documentary “The Therapy” produced by Zvi Landsman and Ori Szternfeld.

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  • The Movie Poster
    There is a new poster with my face on it.
  • Rutgers Jewish Film Festival
    After “The Therapy” was screened, the producer gave an interview. Here is my take.
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
    The Therapy is coming to this film festival, but with a description that is a doozy!
  • Tel Aviv Gay Film Festival
    I didn’t participate in the panel at the TLVfest on November 17th.
  • mako: “The Therapy”
    mako published an article titled: “The Therapy”: A glimpse into the “conversion therapies” in ultra-Orthodox society
  • Makor Rishon: “The Therapy”
    Makor Rishon published an article titled: “The Therapy” manages to present a complex position in relation to conversion therapies
  • Marriages
    Were you married one or two times? What happened to the marriage(s)?
  • Interview?
    Why haven’t you been interviewed or attended the screenings?
  • Reintegrative Protocol
    Question: Can you tell us about other types of exercises?
  • Favorite Scene?
    Question: What was your favorite scene and why?
  • Were you Always Religious?
    Question: Were you always religious?
  • WHY?
    Question: Why did you participate in the film? What are your hopes for the film?
  • How Long?
    Question: How long have you been going to “Conversion Therapy”?
  • Haaretz: Is Conversion Therapy an Illegitimate Choice?
    Haaretz published an article titled: Why is voluntary conversion therapy an illegitimate choice?
  • Good Bye Gay
    Question: Can you tell us a bit about why you left the gay lifestyle?
  • Welcome
    On the Fourth of July, the documentary The Therapy premiered at the DOCAVIV film festival.
  • Reactions
    The documentary The Therapy debuted on Sunday, The Fourth of July, to a packed audience at the Cinematheque Tel Aviv.
  • Behind The Scenes
    I was filmed for about 60 hours for just under 40 minutes of final screen time.
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