The documentary The Therapy debuted on Sunday, The Fourth of July, to a packed audience at the Cinematheque Tel Aviv.

Here are some of the initial reviews from a few of the people who reached out:

The film is moving and gentle and compassionate and non-judgmental and your work to hold everything throughout these years is admirable. The groundbreaking things that you know better than I do ? you will tell Lev that he is a very brave man, that his honesty, gentleness and kindness are pouring out of the screen and that I wish him to find his place in life and be happy. ❤️?????

“A Lesbian Friend” of the producer

I saw “The Therapy” yesterday. I held back from writing to you in the middle of the night. I was so moved by your honesty, your truth, your courage. You’re a real inspiration!
Thank you for that!


…Lev is a character who cuts through the screen, full of humor and honesty and courage, how brave they both are! I was filled with appreciation for them!! The outing scene of Lev, his scenes with the therapist…the weddings – just great and accurate scenes!…


…I hope my msg is only one of so so many…… you deserve so much love and I truly wish you’ll be getting it. You have given the world a tremendous gift by participating in the film, sharing your story, opening your heart and speaking so honestly…. in a way I wished you were in the audience while the film was shown – so you’d see for yourself the effect it had on ppl and how you moved and touched so many hearts.

Your character, well – who you are?? – is one that is so easy to emphasize with. Your good eyes, kind face, and the truth that is within your blood – it all shines through the screen and makes it so easy to relate to you and wish you only the best things.

During the film you have revealed tragic stories about being bullied and laughed at… and a story of a strong self hatred that made you wanna wish to freeze to death. ?? I was so hurt to hear those strories, tears were in my eyes… it should have never happened and I am so sorry it did. ?? at the same time I knew those stories are so important, powerful and crucial to be heard that I was truly grateful for you for sharing them. I know many teens who have similar stories.

To be honest I feel like I can go on and on and on about many thoughts and feelings, it is all very fresh still. I do wanna wish you good things tho – including finding what you are looking for so you’d be happy and in peace. I wish for the burden you might still feeling and the heaviness that maybe lying within your heart – to be lifted and set free.

You are loved. You are worthy. You are good and so so unique and full of inspiration.

You have done so much, for so many by being in this film, I truly hope you are not paying a family or a socially price for it… I pray you are getting the support and pride that you deserve.


The documentary is available via VOD (Israel only and payment with Israeli credit card) at the website through July 11: The Therapy – Docaviv 2021

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